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«NPP «AUTOMATICA» JSC (Vladimir, Russia)  -  the enterprise produces devices for temperature, pressure, level, electric quantities, conductivity meters, pH-meters, as well as ball colors with manual control, electro- and pneumatically. The company is also engaged in the development and implementation of automation and dispatching systems of technological processes, including the development of project documentation, algorithmic and software, the work on equipment, shephmontage and commissioning is carried out. All production of "NPP "Automatics" JSC is certified and entered in the State Register of Measurement Tools of the Russian Federation.

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Product range:

- Temperature measuring instruments (IT thermal converters, ЕС thermometer, NPT temperature measuring transducers, PKTs digital programmable control devices);

- Pressure measuring tools (pressure transmitters, digital pressure transmitters, converters pneumoelectric single-channel, rogrammable digital pressure monitoring device, pneumoelectric discrete converter, electronic pressure gauge);

- Liquid level measurement and alarm tools (hydrostatic pressure meter, сonductometric liquid level switch);

- Electrochemical analysis - analytical instruments, рН-meters (conductometer- concentration meter, pH-meters, pH-electrodes, holders for pH-electrodes, analyzers of dissolved oxygen, sodium analyzers, turbidity analyzers;

- Instruments for electric quantities measuring and conversion, electronic recorders (digital programmable control device, digital indicators, current loop meter, signaling converter, electronic recorders)

- Automation equipment (discrete signal output unit, Interface converter, command electrical appliance, linear and switching power supplies, voltage regulators, software package MyScada);

- Spherical valve;

- Air-operated butterfly valves;

- Pneumatic actuators;

- Gearboxes (handwheels);

- Control and control devices by actuators (switches non-contact inductive, sensors explosion-proof inductive, switches non-contact, switch blocks explosion-proof, electric pneumatic distributors explosion-proof, valves explosion-proof, solenoid valves explosion-protected).

10 october 2018

Participation in the 11th Central Asian International Exhibition «Metallurgy. Mechanical Engineering. Machine tool industry» November 14 – 16, 2018, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Our company plans to take part in the 11th Central Asian International Exhibition «Metallurgy. Machine Building. Machine Tool Building», which will be held from November 14 to 16, 2018 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

19 july 2018

The «ROSPROMIMPORT» Сompany rebranding was held.

Due to the new operating conditions, «ROSPROMIMPORT» has introduced some changes in business operations. In order to consolidate our positions in the market, our company plans to take part in international exhibitions held in our country, and to continue to expand the list of offered products, attracting new foreign partners.

03 january 2018

The «ROSPROMIMPORT» company became the official dealer of «ERIS» GK.

Since January 1, 2018, the «ROSPROMIMPORT» company is the official dealer of «ERIS» GK (Chaikovsky, Russia). The "ERIS" Group develops and manufactures measuring tools using modern technologies and can offer solutions for all industries and utilities in accordance with the high requirements of reliability and safety.

16 april 2008

The «ROSPROMIMPORT» Company's website is launched.

For the convenience of our customers the website of the «ROSPROMIMPORT» Company has been launched. This will allow our customers to receive full information about the products offered by us, to stay in the course of the company's activities.

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